New words from imported text not saving as LingQs

I’ve been uploading my writing and the tutor commentary to make LingQs. Often the phrases which I highlight are “new hints.” However, once I highlight, define and save, the “new word” does not appear in yellow, nor does it appear in my LingQ column to right screen. I am losing these hints! Advice, anyone?

Hi Liz,

Phrases you LingQ are not always highlighted for some reason although refreshing the page sometimes helps. They are, however, always to be found in your Vocabulary section. We are working on this.

I have lost all my yellow markings I have set within my lessons since the beginning of this week. However “not known” words appear in my LingQ column and I am able to learn them. Could it be that I have problems with my system. I have refreshed the page a few times.

That seems quite strange. What browser are you using? Please try holding down the ctrl key and refreshing and see if that helps.

Sorry for my late response, but I was on business trip yesterday. I am using Mozilla Firefox and today, after refreshing with button F5, all yellow markings appeared strangely. So I can take it that there is a problem with my own system. Thanks for support.