New words counter counting invisible words?

It’s a minor thing, but it would appear that the New Words counter is counting words that aren’t there. On a couple of lessons now, I’ve marked all words as either known, or made LingQs. But the New Words counter still shows that there are words to be dealt with. I’m looking at a short lesson right now that shows there are 2 new words left, but there are no more words highlighted in blue.

Not only does it count words that aren’t there, it counts anti-words too. I have -39 new words in one of my lessons.


I suggest you start unlearning those words ASAP

It also seems to confuse the counter if you create lingqs with phrases rather than simple words.

All I can say is, I’m glad I’m not the programmer who has to sort it out :wink: I used to hate working out algorithms like that.

We are looking into this issue. There do seem to be some inconsistencies that have been introduced by some recent “bug fixes”. :slight_smile: