New words count wrong!

I have noticed for a long time that the new words count for lessons is very inaccruate. I often get to the end of lessons where I have cleared out all of the new words, either by making them known, ignored, or LingQs and have been told that I still have 20 or 30 new words. Has anybody else noticed this?

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I’ve noticed this for a long time and for most lessons, I’d say. I’ve become hopeless to see it solved, so now I just reload the page when I’ve finished studying a lesson and the New words counter goes to 0. Then I need to add one reading manually.

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There’s another bug too. Lets say you have a course with 5 lessons. The 5 lessons are exact copies. if you look at the first lesson it has 10 unknown / new words. The other 4 have 10 as well. So the course says “50 new words” even though it’s really only 10

Ah. I didn’t notice that. I did notice that the total number of words in a course seems to go down faster than I would expect as I go through each lesson.

Finding bugs… what can I say, it’s a gift.

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Have you worked out yet how to change the order of words in the reading interface without editing the lesson?

I’ve seen that bug. You mean you select a few words, they turn blue… and the words sometimes change position it the lesson? No I can’t reproduce that one. Probably a race condition somewhere

A race condition?

I can reproduce it at any time. but I will save it as a riddle for you.

@ColinJohnstone - I can’t say I’ve noticed the New Words issue, nor have we had any reports about it. Would you be able to take a screencast of this happening so we can have a better idea of what might be causing issues here?

@spatterson - Good catch, I’ve added that one to our list!

@ alex

I will give it a shot. It happens all the time for me and obviously for mikebond too. It does not appear to be related to the browser I am using, the computer I am using, the language I am studying, or whether or not I am using imported lessons, or lessons in the library.

Well it didn’t take long before I got to the end of a lesson and found that the new words count was wrong. Here is one of these so-caslled ‘screencasts’.

Notice that there are no blue words in the lesson, but the new word count is 1. Also notice that when I hit the big blue button at the bottom to get rid of this non-existence new word, the known words count does not change, even when I refresh the screen.

This problem is not related to spatterson’s Greesemonkey script that I am using to change the reading interface and is not related to the recent update. It has been happening for a long time.

…also notice how much cooler the reading interface is when using spatterson’s script :smiley:

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@ColinJohnstone - The video is private… are you keeping secrets? :wink: Just switch it to “Unlisted” and I’ll take a look!

Done and done!

Alex, it also happens to me and it happens just about every lesson. Maybe it’s a Firefox thing since I also use it.
Edit: I’m also on a Mac.

@ColinJohnstone - Hmm, I see the issue is there but it doesn’t quite help in figuring out how you got there.

What I’m looking for is how you use the system to see if it’s anything related to the speed at which you’re saving LingQs, the way in which you’re moving between words, etc., as this information should help us to reproduce and fix the issue.

@schongut - I invite you to do the same - open a lesson, record yourself working through it, then if there are New Words remaining after finishing the lesson send us the screencast so we might glean some insights from it.

@ alex

Here is something much more useful.

The video starts on the Russian course I am currently working through. I deliberately pick a lesson with a lot of new words because in my experience, this increases the chance of this problem happening. Notice that when I open the lesson, I count the new words in the list (not something I normally do), and the number is correct (i.e. 43 new words). At one point early on, a little error happens that requires me to refresh the lesson, but this is unrelated. I continue to make LingQs and at about 1:09 you see what happens. I create a LingQ from the word февраль, but the new words count does not change. However, the LingQ count increases by one when I make the LingQ. You see this again at 2:15 with the word золотая. At the end of the document, there are no blue words left, but the new word count is 2.

I also recommend skipping forward after that to around 3:30. I show a different, but maybe related bug where one of the lessons in this course is shown on the course page to have 1 new word, but in the lesson page has 0 new words.

@ColinJohnstone - Great, thanks for the screencast! We’ll do some additional testing here and see if we can figure out what behaviour might be causing this so we can better reproduce it.

In the meantime, when you encounter this issue would you be able to open the error console to see if any errors appear?