New Words Added Back, Additional Activities

Well, after a few hiccups we did manage to update the site with our recent changes. Nothing major but a lot of bugs and nagging issues were resolved.

First of all, many of you (and especially Edwin! :-)) will be happy to see the New Words percentage has been restored to the Lessons page. It is as good as ever and the page loads much faster than it did when we showed this statistic before.

Also, additional activities have been added to the Friends’ Activities list. Now you can see which lessons your friends are studying and you will be alerted every time they pass a thousand word milestone ie. at 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 words etc… You will also see the language in brackets beside the lessons they are studying and the conversations they have created. Be patient as this will only start working for new activities they perform.

As well:

the Status filters on the Vocabulary page now default to Status 1-4 not 1-3 as they did before.
The tutor filter is remembered when paging the Conversations list.
LingQs can be created that contain numbers.

Thank you. That’s nice! I’m also happy to have the New Words percentage back on the Lessons page.

Is there a plan to make the list of Friends activity a bit longer? I have a lot of friends (I love to watch the German students a a German tutor). Therefore the list is too short to show all their activities at one day.

Vera, just for you, it’s now twice as long! :slight_smile: …I, too, wanted my list to be longer. It now shows the last 150 activities which is double the number that appeared before.

That’s really nice :wink: Thank you.