New video course "От Санкт-Петербурга до Байкала на машине" (From St Petersburg to Baikal by Car")

I’ve uploaded the first 9 videos of my video course “From St Petersburg to Baikal by Car”. (Я разместила на lingq первые 9 видеороликов моего курса "От Петербурга до Байкала на машине).
Приятного просмотра, прослушивания и чтения!

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A good initiative, Anna! Seems very interesting to me! But, as far as I know, Lingq does not support videos, only written text and audio. Can we see your videos somewhere?

actually Lingq does support videos; if you’re using their classic view you can find the video on the right; if you’re using their new view you can find the small button “video” above the text, just next to “classic” button. You can also find these and more other videos on my YouTube channel, called Russian from Russia, at Russian from Russia - YouTube

OK, Anna, you are right, I did not know this, I never saw a video like this on Lingq before! And I must say that I am happy with it and especially with the calm tone in which you speak! Congratulations!

Fantastic. I’m not at that level just yet but look forward to doing this course. I didn’t know videos were an option either. Thanks again for sharing.

Спасибо. Это очень интересная тема! Мы с женой любим объехать наш родный штат в машине, а также Калифорнию когда мы посещаем свою дочь. Я в восторге был бы совершать такое путешествие в России.