New tutors: Some ideas about requirements and the announcing of new tutors

It would be nice to have a place on the forum where new tutors are announced. What do you think about this idea?

In my opinion there should be a rule about a minimum experience with LingQ that a new tutor should have. A tutor should have experienced tutoring from the sight of a student before he becomes a tutor. These requirements could be for example:

  • A minimum time being a member of LingQ (1 month)
  • A minimum number of created LingQs (300)
  • A minimum number of conversations with a tutor (1)
  • A minimum number of written words (50)
  • A minimum number of posts on the forum (5)

All these requirements would ensure that the tutor is used to LingQ, and is able to advise the students how to use LingQ

It could happen if a new student and an inexperienced tutor comes together that the student think LingQ isn’t worth to work with it. An idea related to this issue is that experienced students “test” a new tutor. They can give some advice, and help to overcome the difficulties at the beginning. I for myself have often booked conversation with new English tutors. I got the feeling they appreciated this. I hope it was helpful for them.

Hi Vera,

We have had requirements in the past but our main issue with tutors right now is that there are not enough of them in all languages. That is why we are moving towards a system of allowing all members to tutor. Ideally, tutors are also learners and users of LingQ but we will let learners decide who they want to have as a tutor. They will be able to see how experienced a tutor is and, of course, read the tutor’s profile. We have some changes coming soon in this area.