New to LingQ

Hello everyone!

I’m new to LingQ but I must say - I already like it.
Unfortunately I am still a little unsure how to use it in the most efficient way to improve my language skills.
I am at the very beginner level in Italian. I’ve taken a course for beginners and I have already completed 5 lessons. I made some lingqs, I listened to the lessons a couple times, I read them as well.
Here’s the thing - I am afraid the system will mark some words as KNOWN when I actually don’t really know them. I don’t know how often I should take flashcards/ tests sessions to memorise vocabulay.I am quite ambitious and I am afraid I could push myself to review a word many times in 1 day so it would become KNOWN, but it wont stay in my longterm memory, because to put it there I should review that word at least few times like next day, the day after that day, next week and so on… Will the system bring me the lingqs I have problems with to the flashcards or do I get to organize my tests routine on my own?
I used to learn with Memrise (hope it’s okay to post the name) and the system there would bring me particular words to review just in time when I should review them to help me memorise them optimally. How does it work in here?
I set my settings to email me lists of 200 lingqs every day, does it make the case solved? Will the system itself organize my learning routine for me?

I hope I didn’t scare you with such a wall of text :slight_smile:
Have a nice day,


Hi Greg!

We do have an SRS system here on LingQ as well, so words will be sent to you in the LingQs of the Day email when they are next scheduled to be reviewed. You can learn more about the SRS system here:

On learning in general, I might recommend going to the Academy page and taking a look at the videos from Steve that appear at the bottom. You can also check out Steve’s YouTube channel (Steve Kaufmann - lingosteve - YouTube) for tons of great videos on language learning.