New story for "Puntos de Vista" collection in Spanish!

Hi there!
I’ve just uploaded a new story for “Puntos de vista” collection in the Spanish library. It looks like many people like this kind of point of view experiment, so I’m really motivated and writed a new story called “El vacío bajo mis pies” ("Puntos de vista" - LingQ Language Library)
Right now there are 5 parts and I’m considering a 6th part. We’ll see.

Thanks so much Albert! This is a big help to me.

You’re welcome!! :wink:

I have just started on “el vacio bajo mis pies” and don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. As a writer you certainly have raised the bar for all of us [and there already is some excellent content in the various libraries!], As for innovation you seem to be on your own. ¡Tu has establecido un nuevo estándar!