New Spanish lessons

Hi there!
I’ve just created a couple of new lessons for the Cosas Culturales collection.
Well, indeed is the same lesson (Las propinas) in two different speeds.
I don’t know why but I can’t find them in the library even thought I have already shared them. Anyway, I leave you the link to the collection where you can find them: Login - LingQ

I have also created another lesson for “El Subjuntivo” collection.
I don’t know why, the lessons are not showed in the library. Anyway, I paste here the link: Login - LingQ

Yes alsuvi, òscar and I have the same problem with a few lessons we shared a few days ago. I can only see the new lessons if I browse the collection, apart from there it is as if they don’t exist (even searching for its title). I posted this issue in the forum a few days ago.

Thank you Berta! I was just writing a post in the forum about that. But if you did it, I will wait a little bit to see if it’s solved. :wink:

Hola Albert,acabo de entrar y te mando el enlace donde pude encontrar tu nuevas lecciones.

let’s hope that albert :wink:

Gracias Jolanda. Sí, pueden encontrarse en la colección correspondiente, pero no aparecen en el apartado de búsqueda de la biblioteca. Además, las búsquedas en la biblioteca tampoco funcionan correctamente. Selecciono ordenar mi lecciones por fecha de incorporación a la biblioteca, y no funciona! A ver si lo arreglan pronto!

El subjuntivo también he encontrado!

It looks like there is a problem with the Library search feature. It is only grabbing a subsection of results. We are looking into it.

Thank Mark! I hope it will be solve soon.

Anyway, I have released new lessons for 3 collections!
There are 2 new lessons (Part 3 and 4) in Who is She Faster (Login - LingQ)
There are 5 new lessons (Part 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16) in Who is She Spain’s Version (Login - LingQ)
There are 2 new lessons (“En el dentista - formal” and “En el dentista - informal”) in Spanish beginners collection (Login - LingQ)

The content in the library is not still being updated, so right now the only way to find new lessons is though the collection. That’s the reason why I have pasted the links to the collections, not to the lessons themselves.

I hope you enjoy them!


he encontrado tu lección "Madrid capital de España"dos veces en al biblioteca.

@alsuvi, berta - All lessons are in the library. It turns out that it significantly improves the speed of the Library search page and helps the overall site speed to only display the first 40 pages of results on the Library search page. We don’t think many people are going to search past the 40th page of results. All the lessons are searchable but we only display the first 1000. To see your new lessons, either sort by date added to library or use the filters to narrow down the search results.

Thank you Mark. I’ve seen that the number of lessons that I share has been updated and I can find the lessons when I search them, but it looks like the sorting filter does not work properly. If I try to sort by dates (which is really useful), it just didn’t work. By default the library shows the content sorted A-Z, but it doesn’t work properly. The last two options (number of new words and percentage) it seems to work properly.
I understand you’re really busy solving all the new bugs, but especially the “Sort by date” feature would be really nice to have it work in the near future!
Thank you anyway for your efforts to solve everything!

Yes, now I can find the lessons if I search them by its name (not before), and they do appear if I search by accent (New Zealand)

But they don’t appear in the “new lessons” menu or searching by date. For example, one of the 6 lessons we shared:
tdes, Fortune Cookies (Ver colección)
Fortune Cookies. Don’t forget to watch the video of today’s show on Resources TAB.
Categoría: Language, Proveedor: The daily english show
Tipo: Podcasts, Creado: 2010-10-03,

They should appear in the first page, because I shared them the 3th of october, but they don’t. And at least one of the 6 lessons should appear in the new lessons menu (as they usually do, at least for a couple of days).

vincent asked me on the forum to record that text for him, and I did, and shared it as a lesson. Then vincent took the audio from my lesson and created the same lesson on his account lol

I found that out a few months ago when I saw the lesson in the library without a picture, and drove me mad until I figured all that out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there!
I’ve just created a couple of new lessons for the Ciencia en pocas palabras.
Well, indeed is the same lesson (Pavimentos descontaminantes) in two different speeds.
Here you have the link to the collection, because I can’t still find the lessons directly in the library: Login - LingQ