New Spanish collection

Hi everybody!
I’ve just created a new collection called “Errores habituales”. In this collection I would like to cover specific mistakes that I have been noticing since I’m tutoring at LingQ. This kind of mistakes that are very common and many people make. They are short lessons jus covering one mistake at a time.
Right now there are 4 lessons (the introduction, and 3 “normal” lessons)
Here you have the link to the collection: Login - LingQ

Thank so much for this collection! It really helps me a lot.

What a coincident! Today I thought about a collection with something like that for German.

That’s great Veral! I have taken a break from studying German because I want to focus on my Spanish for now, but I would love to see a series like that for German. Just curious Vera do you have any lessons about the cases in German?

No Debbie, I haven’t done something about the cases. There is one article from Reinhard about the Genetiv in the library: Login - LingQ

What would you expect from such a collection? Explanations? Examples?

Debbie, I have to add that I started to write something about that some months ago. But then other ideas came to my mind and I hadn’t found the time to continue. I’ll what I can do :slight_smile: But ideas or hints what you are expecting are more than welcome.

Basically I like the language patterns idea suggested by Steve. I took a look at the ones that you translated to German and I think they’re great. I would like to see somthing like that, but using examples of the different cases.

@alsuvi, me gusta mucho esta coleccion, ¡espero que grabes más lecciones!

Thank you Debbie. I’ll think about something that covers the cases.

Gracias Iye y Angela por vuestro comentario.
La verdad es que la idea de esta colección sale de oír un mismo tipo de errores en varias conversaciones con diversas personas y tener que explicar varias veces las mismas cosas. Entonces pensé que sería interesante crear una colección con lecciones muy muy cortas, con una mínima explicación básica, y en las que se resaltase solo 1 error.
A veces cuando escribo explicaciones en el informe de las conversaciones o en las correcciones de escritos, me da la sensación de que escribo demasiado y que la persona en cuestión no va a recordar casi nada. Por eso pensé en tratar errores puntuales pero repetitivos, solo 1 en cada lección y de forma muy resumida, sin extensas explicaciones gramaticales, de modo que si se te queda ese error y eres capaz de evitarlo, se note una mejora sustancial en tu español.
Ahora mismo hay 9 lecciones de casos varios y mi idea es seguir aumentándola poco a poco.

Uops! Sorry Vera! I have writen the comment in Spanish. The last message I read whas debbie’s one in Spanish so thoughtlessly I’ve answered in Spanish.
To sum up , what I said is basically that I had this idea after hearing this kind of usual mistakes made many times by different students in many conversations. My idea was to create a really short lesson talking about just one mistake at a time and with a really short simple explanation. This way, if you can remember this mistake and avoid it in a future conversation or writing, it will be a step forward for mastering the language.

I’m happy to know you were considering to do something similar in German. Of course I would not take advantage of this right know, but I’d love to find this kind of content in German some day in the future.

Language learning has a lot to do with noticing. We can only notice what we have already seen, and even then we often do not notice. This kind of lesson really helps us notice.

I will find the time to go an do these in Spanish and German, just to improve my accuracy in these languages. Now if only the day had 24 hours!