New portuguese content

Hi everyone,
I made a short lesson in Portuguese and added to the library, this is the link:

It´s the first one, so I would like to have some feedback, especially about the sound quality, so I can do better on the next ones.


Atos. This content is excellent. Your voice, your clear pronunciation, and the sound quality are excellent. Talking about local conditions in Brazil is of interest to learners of Portuguese for sure.

I would rate this content as Beginner 2 or Intermediate 1, however.

Many many thanks and please keep it coming.

Thank you, Steve, I will do more lessons for sure.
It´s very good to participate in this so great initiative.

Super! This is something I’m going to have a look at pretty soon.

I think we are starting to create some momentum in our Portuguese library. Atos ihas started his collection, and at LingQCentral we uploading a rich source of relatively easy content from the University of Texas. If Ligia comes through with some content, we could really see the Portuguese library take off.

Now if we had some more content from Portugal for those who need to learn the European version that would be great. On the other hand, I find that I really do not mind which version I am listening to and reading, the vocabulary and structure is largely the same, and I want to be able to understand both.

Steve, I want to be able to understand both too, that’s why I’m looking forward to having some content in European Portuguese.

Although I’m also into European Portuguese, I had a quick listen to the audio clip and found no particular differences in pronunciation or prosody. I just didn’t know the words.

To me, the difference in the two forms of Portuguese seems significantly greater than is the case with the different forms of Spanish,both in terms of intonation and pronunciation.

Some Brazilians claim to have an easier time understanding Spanish people than Portuguese people, although I don’t know how that can be.

In any case the vocabulary is essentially the same and I enjoy them both.

The two Brazilian tutors I spoke to in the past few weeks (Diego and Ligia) told me that there are also some differences in vocabulary, although accent and pronunciation seem to be the main ones.

I´ve made another lesson, I will post them here ok? Just to don´t open new topics to every lesson I make.

New Audiobook in Portuguese!
It´s Cinco Minutos from José de Alencar. It´s a very nice history, and it´s will be 10 chapters altogether.

Sometime I myself understand better a Argentinian than a Portuguese. This last one speaks much fast sometimes, but of course, the majority vocabulary is almost the same.

I have to contribute too, and I’ll when I have more time.