New Polish Lessons

Hey all!
I added some new Polish lessons. I am working on trying to add more, they’re from a podcast website, and I have uploaded the dialogues and the audio for the lessons and I will be adding more as I can.


Are you sure they are not your private? I cannot see anything new.

But, most important, do you have the explicit permission to share those podcasts (I assume they are under copyright or some kind of license)?

Anyway, I cannot see your lessons, either. Maybe you forgot to share them.

I shared them, I will check again; also I do have the permission of the owner.

Could you give the link?

@Le_Jr: that’s excellent news! :slight_smile: I’m waiting for the link, then!

It says private, but I have given both lessons roses.

Ok I fixed it.

Here’s the link: Login - LingQ

It’s good. You can continue because we have not enough Polish lessons for the beginners.
Thank you!

Now the lessons are shared, but you forgot to create a Provider. Check here how to do it: Import Help.
I will read those lessons now.

The lesson at the restaurant was very good. I just fixed a typo and some line breaks. It would be good if you could add the previous 7 dialogues too. :slight_smile:

I am working on it. I am searching for the first few, but I will definitely upload the others soon

I have just uploaded 2 more. Will try to upload more tonight after work.

Very good, thanks! Maybe, when you can find the whole series, you could consider grouping all those episodes into a collection on their own.

I have started uploading more! Sorry for being so slow, I have been very busy, and have not had access to a computer for a while