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New Playlist Title “Train Your Ears” : Login - LingQ

Highly advanced lessons for those who want to challenge, train, and sharpen their listening comprehension skills. Please note that although you can read the words of the narrator, these lessons contain naturally flowing speech, dialogues, and interviews that are not transcribed.

“Train Your Ears” contains a potpourri of themes for your listening pleasure. Please enjoy.


What does ‘젬마가 간다’ mean?

젬마 (Jemma) is the name of the host. The whole phrase means, “Jemma is going.”

Playlist Update:

I took 젬마가 간다 out of the Playlist title, because I just added five lessons from 노래실은 편지. 노래실은 편지 is a really cool collection of letters. The letters are read followed by very long phone discussions.

~~Anno, I’m glad this playlist appeals to you. ^^

Oh cool. Yes I noticed when I listened to the letters that there were quite lengthy and interesting conversations afterwards kkk. It’s nice you added them here.

Thanks for all your hard work in improving the Korean library, Yvette! I’ll be sure to check out this playlist :slight_smile:

아니요, 재미잇엇어요! :slight_smile: