New plan to personalise K-12 education through the use of technology

British Columbia minister of education unveils new plan to personalise K-12 education through the use of technology. This plan will undermine the “egg-carton” model that currently dominates. BC teachers’ union is against the plan calling it rushed and unrealistic.

The new plan seems to follow some of the same principles as LingQ: self-designed and paced learning; use of technology; reduced teacher role; consultation with learners (the plan was generated by meetings with students).

From reading this article I am in support of the plan. How do you feel? Would you like the LingQ model used for more subjects and in state funded schools?

I think this type of thing represents progress. The critics sound like people whining just because it changes how things are done and may redefine the educator’s role. “BCTF president Susan Lambert, who says the new plan ‘disrespects the teaching profession…’” How dare something DISRESPECT a profession…

I suspect that the LingQ model can be adapted to any subject and I would love to try it.

Interesting Ed. Needless to say I support the plan, and am not at all surprised to see the resistance of the teachers’ union. What individual teachers think, of course, we do not know.

I would love to see the LingQ model used in school. Choice of learning subjects, self-paced, measurement, a variety of learning tools and so on. You and I should visit the government and sell them on it. -:slight_smile: