New Payment Method?


i was just wondering if i’m able to pay with my Visa Debit, it acts like a credit card, that’s use for online payments, but the money is taken directly from the bank. When i used it to upgrade it said that there’s something wrong with the number, starts with 4519. if you don’t accept this kind of payment would be possible be able to in the future? I don’t have a legit credit card yet. i need to wait another 2 months before I apply for one.

I would think we should accept that kind of card but it is up to our payment provider so I’m not sure. If you keep getting that message you may want to try creating a PayPal account and then the Paypal option when paying.

yea, my Paypal account isn’t working right now, because it was negative like $2 or something and they locked it. Once it gets unlocked i guess ill have to try that. even though i wish the visa debit would work.