New member struggling to get started

Hi there, I am a new user and I am trying to figure out how to get started. I followed the links on how to get started, but I am still confused. I am learning arabic and it is not easy. I know basic arabic, some greetings, numbers, some phrases etc, but I want to improve and learn the language fluently. The problem is, I cannot read it at all. So how do I manage to learn, if I cannot read and follow o what the audio is saying. And if i translate and the audio is playing, how can I know which english word represents which arabic word. I find that quite difficuilt. Thank you guys. I’d appreciate any feedback (:

I had the same problem when I started out in Japanese. A phonetic transcription would probably help you. Maybe there is an online program that renders Arabic phonetically? What’s your native language?

Also you are probably going to have to learn to write the language (with a pen and paper) to help you learn to read it. Again, there’s probably a web site which can help you to write Arabic.

thanks for the reply. My native language is english. So how did you go about learning Japanese? Did you have knowledge about the language before you started and did you start learning to read and write it first? About the lessons… Can I start learning more basic things, because I saw most lessons are phrases already and I know arabic grammar is different than english, it’s a bit confusing. They have different verbs etc for addressing male and female, as well as different verbs etc when you are female or male addressing someone or just normal conversation

ill check for the websites (: