New LingQs of the Day by the email

Dear sirs,
Last 3 days the format of Lingqs of the day was changed from separate email each of the languages to one united letter with all languages in one email. It’s such a mess! So inconvenient to work with! Please, separate this letter, as before.
Thanks for your help.

Hi surgarh,
Yes, we changed format of Daily LingQs email recently. Sorry to hear you don’t like it! What exactly you find inconvenient and messy on new format?

I seldom use the Daily LonQs emails last 3 months, but I open from the "Lessons’-page of a certain language my Lingqs and can choose there the daily Lingq of 15 last days and repeat the words of the chosen days.
It’s quite practical.

Hi, the physiology says that we don’t do all things together, we do them one-by-one. When I finished with L1 LingQs daily file, I deleted it, it’s done. Now L2 - in the same way or tomorrow, I don’t know. Then L3 and so on. If today I am focusing on L2, I can do several L2 files from my e-mail rogramm. So now it’s necessary to do a lot of additional work to split these letters manually. What’s the progress in doing the additional work? )))

When you decide to do something new - my advice is to ask people - if they really need it or not.

The same was with “new format” - strange unphysiological font of the text, limitations of viewing the text as a whole, dividing it in milliards of tiny parts - a lot of embarassing things (a lot of good things too, of course ))). I am trying to avoid new format as much as I can, and I am praying for long life of good old classic view!

Thanks for your job,

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Now the thread is about e-mails, not web-based Vocabulary. I refresh words from e-mail “Lingqs of the Day” not sitting in the Internet. If you don’t use them, you can tick off their delivery.

Thanks for your feedback Denis!
No worries, classic view isn’t going anywhere.

Thank you, that is good news for me. I don’t need the big font either. If I could switch off the automatic blue-to-known conversion I would be happy with the new view.

I agree, it should be one mail for each language. I didn’t realize the change as I am not affected.

When you open a lesson, click on the settings button at the top right and you will be able to disable “Paging moves to known” option.

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Very good, thank you :smiley:

But yesterday we could see the agony and last respirations of the “classic view” Vocabulary. Bad symptom. Bad prognosis.

I don’t understand at all how I can repeat my words!..
Before I choose the date and then I saw 4 possiblities for the repetition: Flashcards, Multiple choice etc.
I usually use the Multiple choice, it’s more practical.
But now I can see only the big list of the words of the day for the whole screen - and I don’t understand how to go to the Multiple choice and even the Flashcards!.. I tried to press different buttoms but without any succsess!
New changes only for new changes and just clolorful display isn’t a good solution for the language learners!

Hi you’re right, it is not easy to find now.
I guess you made it through to the filter SRS Date?
You have to select words (or all the words listed by marking the square on top of the list) first, only then the “review now” button becomes active. After this I got the multiple choice version by default. You get the other test options by clicking the tools button. I think you can still do whatever you could do before, apart from editing the lingqed word or phrase itself. For example, I just reviewed a lingq for a word that wasn’t spelled correctly. I could edit the hint but not the word in my target language.