New LingQ members don't create any lingqs

I’ve just written about this problem in another thread (on beta languages), but I think this topic needs a separate thread. As I wrote there:

“(…)why so many new members don’t create even their first lingq? Recently I’ve advertised for LingQ on my Facebook page and I managed to invite four friends to join LingQ - surprisingly enough, none of them created any lingq at all! I wonder whether they didn’t manage to open any lesson or didn’t know what to do next if they did… Maybe there should be some kind of interface for beginners to LingQ, where there would be all explained nice and tidy? Maybe some kind of a simplified menu - like choosing the language you want to learn, choosing the level, the first lesson chosen for the learner automatically (so that they are not lost) and step-by-step approach to teach them how to lingq? These are just some of my ideas. I really wish LingQ were more popular and had more active members.”

There is a tutorial mode already.

All good points, customic. Thanks for the feedback. We are looking at improving the interface and navigation and making it easier for new users to get started.

I think the current Tutorial mode is not visible enough. I hope there will be some improvements.

I’ve noticed the same thing…

I have seen the same thing. Lack of confidence I think.

More “aggressive” and detailed video introduction could also help!

By the way, this one: lesson desktop - YouTube is extremely outdated and just looks bad!

I agree the video introduction needs an overhaul, and it also needs to be on the first page, not hidden behind a “Why LingQ” button.

I think it is more than a matter of more visible, and better videos. I think LingQ is too alien to the mindset of the average learner (by “average” I am not implying anything about intelligence… just mindset).

A while ago I proposed that there should be a parallel version of LingQ called “KinderLingQ”, or a kind of LingQ with training wheels to gradually get people on board. It is one thing to begin to trust the process of learning based input , it is another to do that AND learn the website at the same time.

Mentoring system? Not sure how it would work but just throwing another idea up.