New Lingq and lack of support

I purchased a lifetime membership for Lingq. I was a very happy customer, until reaching out to support without a reply. I have contacted them again about something else, and they haven’t replied again. Why have a support function if you don’t reply?

The new Lingq is horrible for YouTube. It worked well in the past, I’m unsure why it had to change. I didn’t see anyone in the forums requesting a change of interface with YouTube.

On the old version, I would click an unknown word and the video would stop and then continue when clicking on the video. Now, when you click on a word, the video still plays. You also have two choices:
*Watch the video and not see the uploaded subtitles.
*Minimise the video, so it is really small and almost not worth watching.

I like Steve, he seems like a genuine guy, but I feel that customers, who are paying for the service, are not being listened to.

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I understand you. They have deliberately ignored my posts about the inconveniences associated with the new system of counting read words. But be patient, remember that tolerance to frustration is a necessary requirement to learn languages successfully, so maybe they have made this update so frustrating so we can develop this ability :slight_smile:

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How many companies do you know where the CEO himself responds to user concerns as fast as Marc does?


Concerning youtube, I agree. There should be an update. The minimised video is too small (smaller than in LingQ 4.0). And when you watch the enlarged video, you cannot read the imported subtitles. However, I like that the video does not stop automatically when you click on a word. Maybe there should be an option to decide whether it stops or not.

I checked our inbox, and the only email received from you was the one from today, regarding the Preply tutors which you claimed was sent by mistake.
Then you forwarded another email to which I replied instantly. I am doing my best to get back to everyone and respond as soon as possible and never leave any email behind. The last few days, after we pushed the update, were a bit tough due to the increased number of emails received.
I apologize if somehow, I missed your email earlier.

At the moment, under the settings we do have an option to enable “Stop lesson audio to play TTS”, but that applies on audio only, not at the videos. I’ll check with our developers if we can make those settings apply to videos too.

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