New line tag doesn't work or exist

I’m trying to import a song lyrics and use “mark end of sentence” tag to start a new line. It doesn’t work.

What I want to see:
Raus, Raus, Raus
Vor deine Tür
Neue Bilder sind dein Preis dafür

What I get:

Is there any way to fix that? Is any
tag exist or even some sort of

 tag that would define preformatted text?

I edited that lesson for you now to make it look like you expected. Check what I did on the Edit lesson page and that should help you in future importing.

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Many thanks!

Dear @Zoran, how did you input values in those tags?

Keiner schreit so laut wie wir[00:24.200]

What is the right way to import such texts?

After you import a lesson and re-split it properly, under the “Clips” tab on the tab you can also generate audio timestamps to make each sentence in the sentence mode match with the original uploaded lesson audio.

Thank you for the tip with Clips tab. It generates timestamps, but for some reason it doesn’t break the line.
Here is a good example: VA - Deutsche Musik 1, Mine - Kann sie es tragen?
I don’t know what I do wrong.

Actually, I found out that if you put ENTER before the Timestamp, LingQ will start a new paragraph. Is there a way to just to break the line, and not start a new paragraph?

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