New limit on number of LingQs?

I noticed that there is a limit (300) on the number of LingQs for non-paying members. Is this a new change related to the site upgrade or has this limit been in place longer? I recently received a messaged that I had reached the limit, but maybe that was coincidental with the site update?

The limit has always been there.

Hi Steve. I also received the message when I logged on the site today. I used to not get this message as long as I limit the saved lingqs to 300 on one language. Does it mean that with the latest updates the new limit is 300 Lingqs for all languages combined?

The limit is 300 words for all languages together. I think this limit exists since the update from November last year.

If you want to create new LingQs you have to delete some of your old ones.

I recommend to upgrade to a basic account. LingQ is such a great website. We all take benefit on it. Without paying members wouldn’t we have this great resource. And I think it is worth 10 Dollars a month!

Thanks, Vera! Yes, it is 300 LingQs for all languages combined.

I noticed during the testing phase (yes, we had one. :-)) that the 300 limit was only being applied per language. It was originally implemented that way and was always meant to apply to all languages together and so it was fixed with this update.

Hi, Mark … This morning I was kind of surprised when I logged into my LingQ account and found a sort of new site … I was not aware of the changes you were bringing about… I’d like to tell you that the new upgrade looks great … It looks colorful, modern, refreshing and very friendly… I guess you have worked really hard to get this done and suposse that right now you are submerged with a lot of things and bugs that need to be worked out … Thanks … In my humble opinion, this is going to be a hit … Fantastic ! … Thanks again !!! …