New library format

ummm. i feel like nobody’s gonna ever know what i submit the way it’s set up now, because i didn’t see any of submissions in any of the tabs except “my imports/collections” or whatever it’s called. how come i don’t see them under new lessons?

Tick the show previously selected lessons tickbox and you will see them. Your imported lessons are included in your “previously seen” list.

I don’t really need to see them. I need other people to see them so that they can be selected. Which brings up another thing I realized. The “accents” are only from three countries, and the people I record with are from neither of those countries. My friends from LingQ are from Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Honduras. People can’t even select those options in the MyPicks sections. Where does that leave us???

I often click the link “Browse Full Library” in the library and sort the list by date. There is no tickbox “show previously slected lessons” in Browse Full page. I want to see the full list (included my previously selected lesson) in each category. This is a old type of use, though. If there is its tickbox in Browse Full page also, it would be more helpful.

lingQuser, let me know the accents you would like to add and I will add them. However, if there isn’t that great a variance between certain countries it may not make sense. For instance, a “Central American” accent may encompass all these countries and produce more results when people are searching. After all, someone is not that likely to be looking for Honduran Spanish, for example, so having that as a separate accent may not make sense. Central American is probably good enough. You are always free to indicate precisely where the speakers are from in the description.

I will turn it over to people who actually speak Spanish now… :wink:


We will fix those issues in the next few days.

I have been having many many problems with my library, just to bring the issue up. It’s not a huge problem for me because I already have enough content open to keep me busy for quite a long time, but I just wanted to mention that when I try to do searches or do “my picks” it often doesn’t work and shows me the same basic beginner lessons. I am able to maneuver and get exactly what I want if I search for the exact phrase, but I can’t do advanced searches, or browse in some of the categories lifted on the left side, etc.

Yeah the library is harder to navigate, but I’ve sort of figured it out. I preferred when it was much easier to see new stuff too though…

I agree with Blindside, It was easier and more convenient before.

Either “levels” haven’t been assigned to the Russian content or the tool is extremely non-intuitive, because yesterday it took me ages to find suitable content. I chose “Browse full library” and “Date Added to Library” and couldn’t even see my most recent picks - it seems to be an arbitrary list.

Moreover, the “new words” next to each lesson are confusing - sometimes I find (after a few clicks) that I have already studied the lesson, in which case I think the value should be zero…

Jeff, perhaps you have some unlearned LingQs in this lesson? (I am not sure, as I have not use new LingQ yet…)

I studied “Österreich - dies und das, Ich gehe zum Heurigen” over a month ago, now it shows up as a new lesson, and the new words are 53 (19%) (53 blue!). Are lessons to be found in several collections?

Regarding the the percentages, this is the usual scenario:

1 I finish a lesson (whether learning all the words or not) by clicking I click “Update”/“I know all”
2 The “new words” of that particular lesson goes down to 0 (and thus, I assume that those words are detracted from any other lesson…)
3 If/when I see that lesson again in the library, I get no hint if I have already studied it (unless I pick the lesson over again) especially since it still has a good amount of new words.

As an experiment, I’ll check “Show previously selected lessons”. First of all, it affects the search results (which I wasn’t sure of). I pick an OLD lesson (Beginner - Willkommen hier!) which has 1 new words (1%). I open it… yes, you’re right! It really had one unlearned LingQ.

I still find levels a hassle. I only get what the screen can display, and don’t know if there are 20, 30 lessons more for that level. And for Russian, the results are zero whatever level I choose.

I believe I have said on several occasions, although not on this thread, that filters and other things are now working properly in the Library. We are hoping to have a properly working library up within a few days.

@Jeff: In Reinhards Collection “Österreich - dies und das”, Österreich - dies und das - LingQ Language Library, are two articles about “heurigen”. “Heuriger - ein ostösterreichisches Phänomen” and “Ich gehe zum Heurigen”. Maybe you studied only one of them?

Hi Jeff,
I imported the 1st article - a Wikipedia article - on July 18 and the 2nd - my own view and experiences with the Austrian wine tavern - on August 8.
As a matter of fact I noticed the discrepancy of New Words on the Workdesk and in the Library even before the latest changes. Whenever I update a lesson the new words count goes to zero on the workdesk, in the library though you can see the number of unlearned words.
I think if you delete a lesson from the workdesk you can only guess from the relatively low number of words or reopen the item from the library to see if you have already studied the article.
On the other hand I have found a number of RussianLingQ articles I studied last year, that were no longer shown as updated but of course had a low number of “new words”, words that I hadn’t learned. I have updated some of them again since.

@Mark: I think the Central America and South America generalizations are much better than having to select none as my accent choice, and I will include the information about where the speakers are from in the provider information. Thanks for that tip. :slight_smile:

@lingQuser - those two accents have now been added. Enjoy!

Perfect! Thanks.

Oh, I’m getting Alzheimers already at the ripe age of 36. It was indeed a new lesson. Sorry for that. I have to take a refreshing cup of tea to get back on track. :s

Hi everybody, I would like to say that I feel We need more time in order to see a better site, but I would like to have a filter that gives me Steve´s articles or Mark´s articles, (or someone else´s articles) because I would like to imitate their accent, Thank you very much