New lessons in Japanese library

Hello Japanese learners!

I have added two new lessons for Japanese beginners.
Now it’s in my collection in Japanese library.

「飲みます」を使った文の練習 (by ハナ)
「食べます」を使った文の練習 (by ハナ)

Even if you can’t read Japanese hiragana, katakana and kanji, you can read the Romaji text and English translation in the resources.

I also added the Romaji text and English translation for all beginner 1 leveled lessons in my collection.
I hope this helps beginners.

I welcome any feedbacks and requests.

You can ask any questions in the forum.

Do you know the names of Japanese popular foods?
Do you know what it looks like?

I have just add one more lesson in my collection in Japanese Library. It’s just 30 names of Japanese popular foods.

日本の人気のメニューJapanese popular menu

I also made a slide show video for this lesson.
You can watch the youtube video in the lesson page. It will help you to understand what it looks like.