Just what I think of the dispute going on between elizwa and chiaguglie regarding Beppe Grillo’s podcasts in LingQ’s Library.

Well…should I write an answer?

Anyway…I’m not against what you imported, I’m just saying that Travaglio plus Grillo are a very extreme-left wingers opinions (they link themselves to the former Communist Party and extreme left-winger in general) and many Italian people, me included, feel offended by theyr opinions about right-wingers. Moreover this could be misleading towards the Italian language students.

Of course they enjoy these lessons, that’s not the point. The point is: should we post something so impartial on a linguistic studies site? I don’t know. I can say I wouldn’t do that becouse I don’t want impose my view to someone’s studying our culture, maybe someone who doesn’t know well our politics situation (no offence but it’s a hell of a situation). Maybe someone who can’t understand what is true and what is not true (shoud I say that many people think that Travaglio and Grillo are liar and spread an awfull view of Italian society and its government? ). Maybe I would have posted something more impartial, no-left, no-right…
Or I would have posted both the views. But I would have not posted a extreme right-wing story without debate.
But that’s only me.

So I think that a better choice would be a more impartial view of Italy.
No offence towards you of course, politics passion is always a bless. And I understand that you were asked by Steve about that. But they’re talking about my Country in that blog and maybe I have the right to say something?

Anyway, as you invited everyone to write something about this, I’ll take the challenge and post something about what I think about Italian politics… Or something from right-wing web-sites?

I would have write something about culture or art but…I like politics also so…politics it is.

I’ll answer in Italian too, commenting on your lesson.

Let me just say that I enjoy the discussions about politics on the Italian forum and if someone recorded them that would also make good content for language learning. The more content we get the better

Well…I think that’s a great idea Steve:-) Maybe we can all try the way to work together for a interesting content?
We could create a series of lessons o something like that…
I’ll try and record my comments and share them but how can I link them together? Should we record a series of indipendent lessons or should we gather them together?