New lesson in French - Feedback wanted

So I tried my hand at creating a lesson.

This is the beginning of “the Art of War” by Sun Tzu. In France, this book is actually the most famous book on the subject despite being old and Chinese.

Here it is : Login - LingQ

If anyone go through this lesson, I would like some feedback as this is my first and I would like to know what to change for future lessons:

  • Do I speak too fast or too slowly? Do I need to speak louder?
  • Is the text too long or too short?
  • Is intermediate 1 the appropriate level?
  • Is it interesting? (Be honest, if it is, I will probably keep doing this book but if not, I am not going to curl up ina ball and cry, I will just try to find more interesting content :D)
  • Is it worth adding the English translation or are users supposed to be able to read without it at that point? (I know I like that in the early stage of leraning but I am not sure it is of interest in later stages)

Any other suggestion or comment is welcome. Thanks

Despite its ancient age, The Art of War along with the Tao Te Ching and the I Ching are my utmost favs! I am very happy that you decided to read this awesome book!

The first lesson is wonderful. You read it beautifully and to my ears, perfectly. The length of the text is fine. (Nice, digestible bites!) :slight_smile: I think that the comprehension level may be intermediate 2. As such, an English translation may not be needed.

Thank you for adding The Art of War!! !!

This is a good lesson. The text is interesting and not too difficult, and the audio is spoken clearly, precisely and at a good pace.
Imani is probably correct in saying that this is Intermediate 2 and that it may not need a translation.
Anyway, don’t leave us hanging! Tell us the rest of the story!

Your reading is excellent and the text is worthwhile and enjoyable. The translation, however, appears to be a translation directly from the Chinese and not from the French. I think it is useful to have a translation, but one which diverges so significantly from the French may prove confusing.

Thank you for the feedback. I have changed the level to intermediate 2. The translation is indeed directly from the Chinese and not from the text.

I think the speed is perfect for the level you’re aiming for, and that level seems about right. The volume is fine on my desktop, but when I compared it with another lesson which I found to be too quiet on my mp3 player headphones, yours was actually even more quiet. It’s not a question of reading louder (just scream the whole thing!), but about raising the volume of the master recording. Try to make it as loud as you can make it without distortion.

Getting (more) technical, it’s very clear that you did some editing and re-recording in the last couple of paragraphs. It’s not something that will likely bother your average listener, but audiophiles may find it distracting. I would work hard to make any edits as smooth and seamless as possible- use multiple audio tracks to get rid of gaps and jumps of white noise, and make sure that when you re-record the conditions are exactly the same as before.

If the translation is too different I would consider not including it, and the content itself may be too advanced to necessitate it. The length is alright, I think it’s a book that lends itself to smaller portions. Whether or not it’s interesting is a matter of personal taste. The Art of War has never really been my cup of tea, but it definitely is for millions of others worldwide, and I imagine it would be quite popular on here. Definitely a fine choice for your first audio book!

This is a great addition to the library - one of the real classics of military literature. :wink:

(It’d be nice to see people uploading translations in other languages too.)

Thanks for all the feedback.

I have created lesson 2 : Login - LingQ

Following your feedback, it is now intermediate 2 and has no English translation. I have also tried to make the edits smoother, though it is still not perfect. I was not able to raise the volume of the recording. I might look into that this week-end for future recording or later if I don’t have the time this week-end.

@Prune - Neat content! I agree that the audio volume and background hum could be improved but it’s much appreciated nonetheless. If the translation is easy enough to add, I don’t see why you wouldn’t include it. There will definitely be some users who do appreciate it and it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Great 2nd lesson, Prune.

There’s a typo: “sousvos.”

Frankly, I think the audio is fine. I really don’t care about any imperfections because you read the text well and your voice comes in clearly.

I thank you for your time and efforts in producing this material.