New lesson and course

i wrote a new lesson and added it and shared it, but it does not show up when i click on library.
also, i don’t know how to create a course. i can only choose the option (none)
lastly, there is a tutor menu on the right when i click on teach. if i click on shared courses or shared playlists i get an error message.

I don’t know why the lesson isn’t showed in the library, but suppose it may take some time to appear there.
You may want to read this help page about importing and sharing lessons: Import Help.

I get an Internal Server Error when I try to get to the Romanian library.

@aharapu: when you click on Tasks/ Import lesson, then on the top right you have a box “Add this lesson to a Course” where you have a direct link; after you create the course it will show up in the dropdown menu where you now only find “none”.

@aharapu - Lessons that you have already taken won’t actually appear in the Library. The Library will only show lessons that you haven’t yet opened. By importing and sharing a lesson, it means it is already in the My Lessons section and therefore won’t appear in the Library for you. However, the lesson should now be appearing for other users on the site.

@mfr - Are you still getting an error when trying to access the Romanian Library?

Hi Alex, the Romanian Library is working fine now, thanks!