New languages

Hi, does anyone have any idea when new languages will be introduced here at LingQ? Is Mark/ the LingQ crew busy with some new language(s) right now? If positive, what language(s) are you busy with? Thanks!!

gr. sjoerd

Hi Sjoerd,

We are not working on other languages right now. However, we are going to be working on adding languages after our next big update in the next week or so.

We should really post the answer to this questions right on the home page… :slight_smile:

I am waiting for a language learning site to offer Tibetan. Many people are studying Tibetan in order to read Buddhist Texts, but it is difficult to find classes or teachers.

what script does Tibetan use? Can LingQ as it stands today display Tibetan texts? If so, use LingQ to study and keep asking for other Tibetan learners to teach/ learn with you on LingQ! Setting up a Tibetan forum shouldn’t be too difficult. Or you could always try posting in Tibetan on one of the other language forums, e.g. Chinese or English. See what interest you get :slight_smile: