New languages: Albanian and Estonian

I have been studying Estonian and Albanian but these languages there aren’t in the LingQ. I am so sad :pensive:.
I would like to learn them with LingQ. When they will be available?


It would be great to have both languages added, but at the moment not sure when it will happen.

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Zoran, can you confirm what are the conditions for the language to become a new Beta language? For example, if there are volunteers who are willing to create content, then what they need to produce as the minimum requirement for this language?

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Volunteers interested to help can reach my colleague Sahra on sahra(at) and get more details on where do we stand with specific language and what else needs to be done.

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I am a native speaker of Albanian and I wish to help as my wife also wants to learn, but there isn’t many good resources available.


Hi! I would also like to learn Estonian. Has there been any progress towards getting this on LingQ? Thanks!

Edit: even having the option to upload Estonian texts would be good and hear the audio translation - there doesn’t need to be mini stories or any curated content etc. just the automatic translation service.