New language for 2019

Is anyone else starting like me?
I’m looking to learn Russian.


Not really, Italian is in a sense a new language for me. I have started and restarted to learn Italian over and over again since I don’t know when. In the last couple of weeks, I have made a big enough breakthrough so that I can read books that I have already read pretty comfortably.

Therefore, I will probably read a few books in Italian, given how I already have a fairly solid grounding in Spanish and French I should improve my Italian immensely by simply reading.

Given how much content there are for Catalan out there, I feel I would want to give it a try. I probably can’t be bother thought, I am so heavily indoctrinated to the lingq method. Also, I don’t see myself having any practical use of Catalan.

Provided that I will improve my knowledge and usage of German grammar I will start with Dutch. At this point I think it is a matter of getting over the phase where you know quite a lot but can’t read comfortably.


If I should start something new, most probably it would be Czech. I already obtained some learning material and some bonus material for Czech, but first I have to make some more progress with my Greek and Swedish.
Czech is one of the languages spoken in the countries neighbouring my own (Germany) and one of my language learning dreams is to be able to converse in each of the official languages of those countries.


Hey bud,

I am relatively new at this website. I was a member a few years ago when the website was still figuring out what it was. However, I am back in an attempt to truly became knowlegable or fluent on some language. I have about six years experience in Spanish so I am trying to get my Spanish to a high level, but I plan to start Portuguese completely new by March. Since I am somewhat knowledable in Spanish I feel that it would be a good addition to my language learning journey. Good luck with your Russian journey!!

I’m also tempted by less practical languages (they’re just so interesting!), but I am staying away for now. Would love to visit them sometime in the future. Alexander Argüelles really made me think about them in the videos he made of working through a book in various Germanic languages.

What’s your plan to work on German grammar? In any case, have a great time :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful time with Russian. I’ve been happily learning it since February of this year.

I don’t think I’ll start anything new this year, since I plan on studying Russian until February of 2020 in order to get to a level where I can translate pretty well into and out of it (I want to become an interpreter when I’m older). But ask me in a year from now and we’ll see if I kept my hands off of Czech, Ukrainian, Slovak, Spanish, or even Mandarin.

Enjoy the new year! :slight_smile:

Probably mostly through combo of tagging and skimming through grammar books, I haven’t used the tagging feature at all until a few days ago. For German I will (and already have) tag cases and verb tenses.

In the romance languages, I have been tagging “subjunctive triggers”, phrases like I believe that, I thing that, and so on. I will eventually go through them.

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That’s a great idea actually. I’ve been kind of lazy with tagging, but I certainly can see how it’d be useful for targeting certain grammar points.

Right now the focus is on my English, since I got native-speakers to speak with. Russian has to wait a little while - but I do my best to use what I’ve already learnt.

I started learning Hebrew on my 40th birthday last week. I was given the Assimil course as a gift, and I have a couple of books about learning biblical hebrew already. So far I’m still getting hang of the vowels.

Greek is still my main focus, and I was also given a semester’s worth of Greek classes as a gift. Very excited about 2019!


Go for it! Russian is great. And there’s a ton of interesting content online. At some point I’m going to study Turkish. Full stack for now though. 2019 is going to be an awesome year.

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Turkish should be very interesting. I would love to follow recent global events with it. Unfortunately for me it’s still relatively far down the list, but maybe someday! Have a great time