New item in Russian - "Чехов" collection

I have created a new item in Russian library, it’s entitled as “Беседа пьяного с трезвым чёртом” (A dialog between a drunk man and a sober devil).
I just was trying my new microphone and figuring out how could I make sound recording :slight_smile:
Any comments are welcome :slight_smile:

The price of petroleum may be coming down, but my appreciation of petropavel has gone way up. This recording of Чехов is excellent in every way, the diction, the sound quality and the choice of content. Many thanks. I will be starting to study it tonight when I get home. First class!Спасибо болшое Владимир


Are you interested in doing regular podcasts for us in Russian? We will give you 1,000 points for each podcast and 1,500 points if you also provide the transcript. We would like the podcasts to be conversations with another person. You can talk about life in Nizhny Novgorod, your interest in literature, Russian cooking, history, current events or whatever you like.


For some reason the text you imported displays across my Work Desk in such a way that I constantly have to scroll sideways to read it. I wonder why?

Thanks to tuppence and skyblueteapot for the additions to the Russian Library. The Turgenev recording is just outstanding. As is often the case with librivox, the quality of the recording is not up to the standards of professionally produced material like the Turgenev pieces. However, it is all valuable and appreciated.

This sometimes happens if there is some strange formatting in the text. Vladimir, can you open the text in the Import section and click the paintbrush account at the bottom of the text window. Then save it again and see if it helps.


I have saved the text once more, let’s see if this helped fixing that “very-wide text” issue.

Maybe it was due to a very long URL address (a link to “wikisource” site), at last I simply removed it.

Elsewhere, it may be caused by the fact the Wikipedia and similar sites encourage their editors to follow Russian typographic conventions. In particular this includes using two different hyphen signs (short “-” and long “–”), “French quotes” ( i.e. « and » ), “triple dot” sign “…” instead of three separate dots, and so on.
I killed all that markup, maybe this helped too.

In fact here in Russia there are tons of audio-books available for approximately $5 each, huge baskets of them are in every supermarket. Wide range of genres, classic prose, poetry, contemporary authors, books for children, and so on… I guess that the same “audio-book boom” that was in USA about 20 or 30 years ago. Russia got a minor delay this time, as always :slight_smile:

But I doubt we can easily use that recordings here at LingQ for the copyright reasons. I just don’t know how it should be done properly.

Anyway I hope that Chekhov won’t sue me :slight_smile:

What about podcasting.
I’ll think on this; I’m not sure yet what topics could I take.

Maybe there are some (ready) texts with no audio, that are of interest to someone? It would be to do some “quill try-out” on them :slight_smile:

  • “it would be nice to do some “quill try-out” on them”

The Chekhov text is fine now. Your recording was excellent, much better than much of what I usually find on Librivox. This is excellent for the library.

For podcasts we really want conversations, with your friend, neighbour, family member or whomever. No rush. One step at a time.

By the way, Chekhov and much of the older literature is free of copyright. The audio books are, of course, copyrighted because the narrator is an artist. I have many Russian audio books at home. Most are of excellent quality. There is an abundance of good Russian audio books. Russian learners are lucky.

I’m eager to listen to the recording after such positive comments!

Да, да спасибо Владимир, мы хотели бы побольше классические русские истории, пожалуйста!

Having listened to some of the librivox recordings, I am disappointed at how mumbly they are. Maybe I can clean them up a bit on audacity?

хотели побольше (чего?) историй, историй (каких?) классических, русских.


Больше чего я бы хотел видит разгавор, нормална, естествении, между нормалнами лудмий. Такий веший мы можем използуеть на наший подкасте. Извините за многа ошибок.

Но самом деле, все хорошо…литература, историа, и т.д.

I have recorder and shared a new item in Russian:

Аркадий Аверченко, “Находчивость на сцене”
This is a funny story of a young theatre actor, who was challenged to bet that nobody can disturb or confuse him while playing his role at the stage.

One more title from Arcadiy Averchenko

This contains three short funny stories about kid’s behaviour


Спасибо за сделатл записи для нас.

cедлал, Я хотела писатЬ.