New italian resource has copyrighted text+audio content. Just go to the website, then click on “appunti” on the top menubar, then click on “audio lezioni”. There are also video lessons on several school subjects. You must register to download the audio files. A good italian resource.

This looks like a very interesting site, thanks :wink:

I see they also have some stuff about Italian premier, Silvio Berlusconi:

Ma che cosa significa ‘bunga-bunga’…!? :-0

Thanks, Adalberto. Looks great! I’ve added it to the resources list for Italian in the Import section.

@ JayB

it seems that our prime minister has invited hot chicks to his mansion in Arcore some time ago, and engaged with them in a sort of sensual dance people have come to call bunga-bunga.

I actually quite like Silvio Berlusconi. True, he may be a bit of a randy old goat - but then, so are most politicians. (At least he doesn’t hypocritically pretend to be “Mr Clean” - you have to say that for him!)

As for the energy shortage: maybe it’s time to build a series of new nuclear power plants along the Amalfi coast…not!!

Great thanks, Adalbertolito. I guess, it’s useful for us.

Grazie, Adalberto!!!