New italian lesson just uploaded

Hallo everybody. I’ve just uploaded a new italian lesson called “What’s that? (Part 1) - Che cos’è? (Parte 1)”.

Enjoy your italian!


thank you for this lesson.

I do not see it in my library. Does anyone else have the same problem? I have only one item from Gianni Colombo.

I have the same problem!

Hi giaco1975,

Are you sure you have uploaded it to the Italian library? It doesn’t seem to be there.

I’m sorry. It was as private. Now should be ok.

yes, it is there now. thank you.

Grazie mille Gianni!

Aspettiamo un’altri lezioni nuovi!

Hello Gianni. I am going through the What’s That? collection. I enjoy the lessons, but I have a question. If you truly do not know what something is, like glasses or a pen or a book, how would you know if it should be questo or questa; a masculine or feminine noun?

I do understand that you are showing patterns with the lessons, I just wondered what would be the proper form if you truly did not know.


Thanks for the question. Well if you don’t know if the noun is masculine or feminine you can use the short form “Che cos’è?” or “Cos’è?”. The answer should clarify whether it is a male or female noun.

You can also use the masculine form “Cos’è questo?/Che cos’è questo?” as the short form of “Cos’è questo oggetto?/Che cos’è questo oggetto?” (What is this/that object?): in fact the noun “oggetto” is masculine.

I hope I was helpful.

Ahh, yes. Another lesson within your lesson. That is why you used the short form Cos’è. I missed that. Thanks!