New Italian Content

Hello - I’m a relatively new user of Lingq - although I’ve been a member for a while, I’m just getting active. I have found 2 independent Italian bloggers who have given me permission via email to share their blog on Lingq. My Italian friend will record the audio of each entry. Do I need to do anything special - other than just start uploading the content? Does need a copy of the email I received from the bloggers granting me permission to record and post their blogs here?

Thanks for any tips/info that you can provide.



LingQ does not need an email. You can just load them up. You will need to load both the audio and the transcript. You should probably acknowledge the source with a brief description and link (URL) in the introduction to the collection. It is best for these items to be part of a collection.

That is great news and I am looking forward to seeing them.

As the provider you will earn points based on usage. Maybe some other members have tips or comments.

Thanks Steve. I’ve uploaded the first blog entry to the library. I was also interested in reading your book in Italian and noticed that there is no audio for the Italian version. I’ve convinced my partner who’s a native Italian speaker to record it for me. I can keep the files for my personal use - but wanted to offer them as they are recorded to the library if you’re interested. He finished recording the introduction tonight - just let me know if you are interested in using the audio files.