New Italian Collection! Your tastes have been met!

Hi everyone! As you know, I have been collecting data on your preferences on Italian lessons lately. Well, many of you took my survey (you can still take it, just go to my profile page) and I have analyzed the results.

Therefore, I’m very excited to present you a new Italian collection. It is a public version of my diary. In it, I discuss whatever topics cross my mind, from the most mundane things up to the highest philosophical questions. The only LingQ category which seemed to suit this variety was “Everyday Life”.

But you are not going to believe this. It comes with English translations! Yes, you read it right. It comes with English translations. Now there is no excuse not to learn Italian.

I’m going to add more lessons to the collection, but that depends on how many people study them. If they become popular, I’ll add more diary entries.

Let me know what you think. I’m open to suggestions. Give them a good rating and enjoy!

Very good, I enjoyed the first lesson of the four very much. Although I am only a complete beginner, the content was not too difficult. I think it will help me very much to build up my vocabulary. Afterwards I watched a little bit the italian television, and I could already distinguish more than before. I have a question about the recording: can you specify a little bit of the technicities how you record your audio. With Dutch coming up as language I would like to record some stuff, but I would like to pay attention to the audio quality. What microphone/headset do you use, will a basic set do? Where do you record, will a study/livingroom be sufficient? Thank you for sharing your experience.


I record lessons in my living room, which is fairly large. I use my laptop’s built-in microphone, which happens to be stereo. I use audacity as audio editor. I’m planning to improve my lessons’ audio, as a matter of fact I’ve bought a manual published by o’Reilly to use audacity’s advanced functions. You can look it up easily on the o’reilly website, that is the only book they have about it.

I’m glad you are building up your vocabulary fast. These lessons are becoming extremely popular. I keep track of my lessons’ popularity, and my new collection has an index of 366%.

Good luck with your dutch lessons! Who knows? After german I might study dutch as well.