I have an idea, I have a bunch of pdf files for some amazing graded readers, but the problem is that it is impossible to copy and past anything since they’re just scans. I really want to read Hans Orberg’s Roma Aeterna and was able to finish the first book, Lingua Latina, because I could copy it onto Lingq (With some copying mistakes I could could around). I obviously don’t want to sit here and hand transcribe all 400 pages onto Lingq, but what if everyone does a little? What if I post the pdf on the forum and list all the pages along with my email. Anyone that wants to help could say which page they’ll do and take two minutes to transcribe the main text and email it to me, I’ll then edit my post to remove that page number so no one else wastes time witht it, then I’ll organize everything and make the whole work public for anyone to import? I am more than happy to do the first ten or so pages to get it started, but does anyone think that that would work, or am I just being ridiculous? I have so many excellent books that would be so much easier to use on Lingq but I’m constantly being disappointed when I can’t find an online version or a non-scan one. Any other ideas are welcome, thanks.

I’ve got a djvu version of this book from the libgen -
Then I’ve converted it into pdf and was able to copy/paste using the adobe acrobat pro. You’ve got something like

[Ex Vergilii Aeneidis librO IV, soliltis versibus]

Flamma amOris

At regina iam caeco amore flagrat. Magna viri viniis et gentis bonos in animo versatur, vultus verbaque hae­ rent iuca in pectore, neque ciira membris placidam qui- etem dat.
Prima liice Annam sororem sic alloquitur: "Anna so­ ror! Qualis hospes tectis nostris successit, quam nobilis, quam fortis! Equidem non dubito quin dea natus sit. Heu, quam ille latis iactatus est! Quae bella exhausta narrabat! Nisi certum mihi esset niilll viro coniugio me iungere, postquam primus amor me mone fefellit, huius iinlus amori forsitan succumbere potui! Fateor enim, Anna: post mortem miseri Sychaei coniugis hie solus animum meum flexit -agnosco veteris vestigia flammae! Sed velim prius terra me devoret vel luppiter…

There are some mistakes but probably it’ll save some effort?

Thank you so much, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. How did you remove all of the accent marks?

Actually, if you already have a somewhat edited version of it, could you email it to me? my email is, you have no idea how much you would be helping me.