New German Course for beginners

I have just started a new German course for beginners:

“Hallo Deutschland (German for Beginners)”

– Useful German dialogues of real-life situations - for Beginners, with English translations –

LINK: Login - LingQ

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

The first three lessons:

01 Gute Reise!

02 In Frankfurt

03 Im Café

More to come!

If you like them, tell others – if not, tell me!

Added one more lesson:

04 Im Bahnhof

The next two lesson:

05 Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

06 Im Museum

Each lesson has:

  • English translation
  • Cultural and language remarks or links
  • Audio file with ID3 tags and lesson text as “songtext”.

If like the lesson(s), click on the “rose” :slight_smile:

Which situations would you like in future lessons?

The next lesson:

07 Eine Frage

In the lesson 06 Im Museum the text is “Guten Morgen, meine Damen und Herren!”, but the audio is “Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren!”

Thank you for letting me know, I’ve corrected it.

The next lesson:

08 Ohne Fleiß kein Preis

Viel Spaß! = Have fun!

The next lesson:

09 Mir geht es nicht gut

==> Which situations would you like to see in future lessons?

@u50623 it’s a very good initiative to offer beginners’ lessons in German, because Evgueny and I together for example only produce podcasts for the intermidiate levels. On the beginner level we have more students of German here on LingQ, I assume.


@Fasulye: There is definitely no lack of Beginner lessons in the German library. There are more than 1,000 lessons for beginner 1 and 2.

@u50623: Good luck with your lessons.

@Vera I must confess that I have never had a look at the beginner lessons in the German library. Thanks for the info, Vera!


The tenth lesson:

10 An der Kasse

What do like, what do you dislike? I value your comments and your feedback. If you find mistakes in the English translations, or any other mistake, please inform me.

The 11th lesson:

11 Das Wetter