New French content

Today I have (re)uploaded 87 French lessons, from Beginner-1 to Intermediate-2:

These podcasts, mostly funny dialogues, are from (Lessons 1-107 MP3s are licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported license, and the lesson texts have been recreated by me from the audios).


Thank you very much hape!!! I will be using all of them very soon! Thanks!
By the way I am slowly uploading Les trois mousquetaires, I will let you all know when I am done.


Das ist ein Grund ,mein Französisch etwas aufzufrischen! :wink:
Da kann man wirklich oft schmunzeln!! :wink:

Herzlichen Dank!

I have added seven new lessons (of higher levels: C D E):

E-060 Il est temps de réaliser un rêve commun !

E-066 Le procès

C-073 J’ai bien réfléchi

E-074 Les Jeux Olympiques à la Chine

D-080 Télé-réalité

D-092 Négociations

D-098 La légende qui entoure la Pyramide du Louvre

The whole collection:

Or as a course sorted by ascending difficulty: