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Hi All,

I want to tip off any Finnish learners here to a dictionary that I had added recently and that surpasses my expectations. First off, it can find most Finnish words, whether inflected or not. Secondly, it will analyse the word to try and find the composition if it is compound or it will find it’s set of inflections.

Also, the analysis will output at the top the complete construction of the word, or if there are multiple options, it will show all options.

For me, this has been a lifesaver. I thank a facebook member of my fb group for this tip (she is a online Finnish teacher).

If you have never heard of this tool, try it out. I can heartily recommend it. You only have to pick it from the list of dictionary options.

I now have it as my first choice, so when I press “d” I get this dictionary. Keep wiktionary and the other dictionaries handy though, if only to cross check stuff. I have never heard of a dictionary that is flawless, let alone a free dictionary that is flawless. In general though, it is an amazing tool.


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Agreed, it is a good dictionary to use. Thanks for the info.