New Feed Problem from Poland

When I go to open the Polish news feeds I get the below message and cannot open or import the article, unless I copy and paste it like any imported lesson.

Error Message:

Oops! It looks like that article can’t be imported. Please try a different article.

LingQ is great…keep up the great work. and look forward to hearing from you.



Thanks a lot for reporting the issue @Bstodnick! I was able to reproduce it and the issue has been reported to our development team.

Thanks, I will stand by for update(s).


It was actually an issue with that one Polish media only. We removed it now and other available media seems to import properly. We will look for more Polish sources to add.

Thanks for quick response and remedy…


Wirtualna Polska is working fine…Thanks again…ramoping up for a 90 day Polish challenge…and want to use real world news to expand content and vocabulary…


I have been having the same problem with many articles in the German news feed, too.
When trying to import directly from the Rzeczpopolista’s website (a Polish newspaper), I also often receive an error message with the browser extension, making me import in manually.

Actually, I have come across this problem with French and Spanish (I am fairly certain) as well.

Please feel free to report media articles that can’t be imported to support(at) and we will remove the source and try to find a better one that will work.

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