New features for the Exchange page - suggestions

I’d like to give a couple of suggestions about new features you may want to add to the Exchange page:

  1. flexible, open conversation requests (similar to all the other open requests we have), where a member can post a request for a conversation in, say, Swedish, which all Swedish tutors can be alerted about (if they choose so). Then tutors can offer their availability and the student will choose one of them.
    I think such a system would be beneficial to members who have few points AND to beginners who don’t feel so good in their language to handle a 15-minute conversation. E.g. I would have enough points for a conversation in Swedish, Dutch or Russian, but I would not want to pay 500 points for a standard 15-minute conversation, since I think I’m not good enough yet. Allowing shorter conversations at a lower fare (chosen by the student) would allow more people to have conversations via LingQ (rather than organizing them privately without any benefit for LingQ). It would also allow new members, who would normally not be chosen due to their lack of experience, to start offering their tutoring services.
    If you are concerned about good tutors being underpaid, you can keep 15 minutes and 500 points as the standard conversation request, but allowing users to edit both;
  2. handwriting corrections: it takes a lot of exercise to learn how to write by hand in a language with a different alphabet (Russian in my case, right now, but more so, Asian languages for those who study them, or Latin alphabet for Russian or Asian learners). It would be good if you could offer a “handwriting correction” service, in parallel with the existing pronunciation correction service. Students could submit a scanned file with handwritten words or texts and tutors would give them advice on how to improve it (maybe tutors should be allowed to upload a scanned file too. Likewise, in pronunciation correction exercises, they should be able to upload a recording with the correct pronunciation, which doesn’t seem to be possible as of now).
    All these suggestions are based on my present needs, but I think they would be beneficial to LingQ and its members.

@mikebond - Thanks for the suggestions here! The open conversation requests is an interesting idea, though it may require quite a bit of work to implement in our current speaking system. We’ll keep this in mind when we look to make additional updates to the speaking section!

It may also make sense to add a “miscellaneous” type of request at some point, though this is the first time we’ve had a request for something outside the scope of the current services listed. If more requests come in for similar services we may take a closer look into this :slight_smile:

@mike - year before last, I was able to upload my scanned Japanese handwriting to my Japanese lecturer, then get it back with handwritten corrections over mine. Wonderful idea later down the track!

Alex, I’m glad you like my suggestions.
Sure, I didn’t expect their implementation to be easy. I understand it would take some effort, but I hope we will have open conversations one day.
About the “miscellaneous” request, as you call it, maybe I’m the first to request it because nobody else dared ask for it before! :slight_smile: