[New feature] Listening

I made up with a new feature that would be very useful and popular in app

First of all I’d like to say that my first steps in English learning were youtube and headsets. When I was washing dishes or walking down the street, I was listening to youtube audios, that represents translation english phrases with my native language and it was voiced in turn. I got new information and knew pronunciation, I could train to say it by myself. If I just listen to english audio I’m getting no new information because I cant translate some words. So

The LingQ already has the module of text, soundtrack and highlighting sentences. Also it has a definitions for unknown words. The my idea is that to play audio track until the current sentence end, and start saying new words definitions one by one, that has been in the last sentence. In the way user saved them and described by itself. The technology allow to do it, like there are API’s for synthesize text into the voice. And listening to books will be much more effective not only actively but passively as well.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I’ll forward this to our development team.