New Facebook Page for English (with other languages to come soon!)

Hello everyone,

We’ve been working on new ways to get our name out there to get more people to join the LingQ community. I’ve noticed that people really like our site but unfortunately very few people discover us. Since our community is fairly closed off due to the fact that you must login to access content, it means that fewer people find us and therefore we lack the name recognition like other companies such as Rosetta Stone, Livemocha, or

With that in mind we’ve had the idea to use forms of social media to help spread the word about LingQ. You can find the Facebook page here:
We are hoping for activity on the page from both you, the members of LingQ, and others on Facebook. You can chat with others, share your experiences, videos, and pictures, and also post helpful links. However, to do this all you must first “Like” the page :slight_smile:

We will be releasing pages for other languages over the coming week or so, depending on how successful this page becomes. Anyone who is interested in helping out with the pages for other languages please either post here or email me ( or LingQ Support so we can get you set up accordingly.

Thanks for reading, and that link again is here:


I am just wondering why it is so hard to find LingQ on Google? I just stumbled upon this page because I was reading some article and this site got mentioned. Is anyone a professional Google expert that can get all the right meta-type stuff in there so when people type “learn german” or “learn language” they will see this site somewhere? I know this process is extremely involved and requires a ton of effort, but had I found this site 6 months ago who knows where my German would be!

BTW I threw up a link to this site on my Facebook wall and have been trying to get the word out to as many language learning friends of mine as I can because the concept is outstanding. I think if Google searches turned this site up it wouldn’t matter that you have to log in since there is such a great “Free” program on the site.

Much appreciated Sean. The more our satisfied members can talk up LingQ the more the word will get out, and we will continue trying to improve the site.

Good job on the new Facebook page! However, could you edit or post the Facebook link so that it is an active link? I had to copy, paste, and delete a space that is at the end of the line to get it to work.

Thanks so much. Keep up the good work here.

@reinsender - We are going to be working on our Search Engine Optimization. So hopefully we’ll start to become more visible. The Facebook pages should also help spread the word. Here’s that shortened link,

I think it would help LingQ if you put a video on the homepage that shows exactly how the system works. I told a few people about LingQ, 3 of them signed up, and they all said ‘I don’t think this system is going to work. I can’t find anything, I don’t get how to use it, it’s a very confusing site’. (which always makes me feel a little angry, I try to explain them they’ll need to do a lot of listening and reading whatsoever, and LingQ is just making that easier… much easier than this you can’t make it) LingQ is not so confusing after a few minutes of using it, but I think a video that shows every page on here and explains what it is for, would be very useful.
(Sorry, this is off topic)

We have videos on how the site works, and we have explanation. We are going to add a little more explanation although we know that people don’t like to read.

Part of the problem is that many things are complicated. Reading the manual for any new device is complicated. If you are motivated to use it , you just persevere, using it, reading the manual and finally figure it out.

So part of the problem is simplifying what you have to do, and increasing the motivation.

In my view, the key activities are listening and reading, and the key measurements are “known words” and “created LingQs”. Just keep those numbers up and you will progress. It is that simple.

But people are expecting traditional courses, the ones that often did not work all that well for them.

It is a problem. We are working on it. Thanks for the comments.

For those of you who are interested, the Chinese page has now been published. Find it here:

I’ll be posting the links to the other Facebook pages on this thread as they are published in addition to creating a new thread for that specific language. Hope you all enjoy, and don’t forget to suggest the pages to your friends!

Hi all,

Here to announce the new French page:
If you have any interest in French then go check it out :slight_smile:

German is now live: