New English collection - VOA with video

I have just created new VOA collection and uploaded some lessons in English library.

Are you bored to read and listen to VOA articles? I know there are a lot of VOA articles in English library and some learners says they are boring. I found some interesting VOA articles and uploaded into the library.

Thank you for the recent LingQ update and new feature - video in my lesson page! I could add the video of each lesson in this collection. After open the lesson and click Resources tab.

The narrator speaks in Special English (slow speed), but the people in this video speak at regular speed. Even if you are intermediate or advance level learners, you can enjoy the lessons.

I hope you can enjoy reading, listening and watching.
Thank you, VOA!

Thank you, Nobuo-san, for creating video lessons and letting us know about them.
I went to the page and got a lesson with a video.
This is really cool. It’s amazing that LingQ can do this.

Hi tsukotsuko,
I’m glad you like it. Yes, it’s cool. It’s fun to see the related video in lesson page. You’ll find some interesting articles in this collection. Have fun!