New English collection; please test

I am in the process of uploading the new collection:
Using LingQ: a teapot’s guide. I am not at all convinced I have successfully uploaded the audio, although I got no error messages. I would be grateful if someone could have a look and see if they can download the articles with their audio. (There are 2 uploaded so far).

It works, audio is of a good quality. Thanks.

Hi Helen!
I found your new collection in the English library and took two articles on my workdesk. Now I’m listening to your audio with my MP3 player and enjoying it very much! Good work!
Thank you!

Excellent: :slight_smile:

I’ll record and upload the rest!

Hi hellen, I listened to your recordings, there are great!
However in my opinion, the level of difficulty doesn’ t fit them. I personnaly would have switched them over.

Sorry, they are great*

Hi Helen,
I really like your voice and your reading :slight_smile: You are an actress!
There is some small background noise. And it seems there is a typo in “Why I use LingQ to learn languages”:
“it’s worth it because I get feedback on my PROGESS from a lot of friendly and helpful tutors”

Helen. I went looking for your new content. I went to new lessons and was confronted by the VOA avalanche. We really should limit the amount of content from one source that we take per week.

Anyway I went to the skyblueteapot provider button. I love what you have done. It would be great if you could eliminate the background hum. Can anyone else here help?

I also agree with Serge. These should be Intermediate one or two. The automatic difficulty evaluation is not accurate and it is better to put in a manual indication.

The content is great, informative, entertaining, and your reading style is lively and interesting. Thanks!

You’ve got such a nice voice Helen. And no, we can’t all be crazy!

I have no idea what’s causing the background hum and it’s driving me crazy. I have tried different microphones and different computers with different sound cards. I have tried using Audacity to clean up the sound with no success. I have even tried muffling outside noise with a great big cushion.

I can only think of one configuration which I haven’t tried yet, I will ask my husband to help me with the wiring tonight and try re-recording tomorrow.

I would have thought they should be intermediate. The problem with English isn’t so much knowing all the little words, it’s understanding the meanings of them in different combinations and orders.

I’ll post again when I have something new!

One possible cause of the hum is proximity of the mic to your computer. You may want to try distancing the mic from the computer a little more.

Such a nice voice. And that british accent, I love it!!!