New English Business Writing Collection!

Hello everyone - I just wanted everyone to know that I’ve just started a new collection in the English library dedicated to Business Writing. The first installment in this collection is a sample of an Employee Promotion Announcement. I hope that this will be a worthwhile collection for all who are studying English for business/work. I am new to this, so please provide me with any feedback you have. I’m not sure about the volume of the audio on the first recording.

Here is the link to the collection - American English Business Writing - LingQ Language Library

Thank you Stephen. I think it is nice and interesting. The sound quality is excellent. You’re very understandable. I’m not sure if it is advanced 2. I would consider intermediate 2 or advanced 1 because it is spoken very clearly and not too fast.

I think it can be very helpfully.
The audio is so clearly !super sound-recording!
I would like hear more from you!

Veral and Jolanda - Thanks very much for your feedback on my new collection. Veral, I think you are correct, since I am speaking at a slow pace the text is probably at Intermediate 2 - Advanced 1. Since some of the words are very specific to business, maybe I will re-level it to Advanced 1 for now. I’ll also try to post some items with varying levels of speed. Speaking at a more natural pace might also be helpful for students who are at a more advanced level.

If anyone else has any additional suggestions (or requests) please let me know. I love this community and want to be an active member!