New course not appearing on course page

I have lots of self-created lessons, which I organized into various topic-related courses. Since I wanted these different courses to contain only new lessons, I tried to create a course called “finished lessons,” where I could move lessons from the various other courses once finished, so they’d all be in one place for ease of review at a later date. I started this by going into edit mode on one of my lessons, and from that screen, creating a new course called “finished lessons” and saving it there (which basically transferred it from the original course to the “finished lessons” course). I did this with about 8 lessons. Now when I go to my courses screen, the “finished lessons” course is not there! The only way I can see the lessons is by sorting by “lessons” view, and on each individual lesson there is a link to the “finished lessons” course, so I can get to it that way. But why isn’t this course accessible from the “my courses” page?