New Content of Essays and Letters to prepare for IELTS examination

Hello. I am preparing to take the IELTS exam. I found a good recourse provided by professional Ielts teacher Ryan Higgins.
As my weakest part is writingI I created a collection of Ryan’s essays and letters to festern the learning process of cohesive phrases and expression using LingQ system.
There are tones of expressions that will make your writing more natural. - a link to Essays collection - link to Letter Collerction

If you need information about writing part of IELTS I suggest you to visit:

Have you got permission to share it on LingQ?

I don’t think I need permission for it because these essays and letters are in free access from Ryan’s web sites.

However, I wrote him a letter and am waiting for response. If the author have any disagreement I remove it right away.

@iceboyz: the fact, that you have free access to some content in the web, doesn’t necessarily mean, that you have the right to share it on another website.

But - as you have deleted these collections - I suppose that you’ve already received the refusal by the author.

il_melomane70, I haven’t deleted the collection. I got a permission form Ryan.

good news!:slight_smile:


the lessons are not available for us until you share it.
I see there are still private.


I just made the lessons shared. Check whether they are available.

it is not working!

maybe the support team can help!

Regards j:-)

ok. I got how to share lessons know. To make these collections available for you there has to be audio file for each lesson. As my pronunciation is not perfect I don’t want to record audio files for the lessons. If someone could help me I would appreciate it. Just let me know and I send you all the content from the collection to make audio files