New content in the spanish library on April 2010

Hello everybody, I just finished a series of articles about México. The first six talk about the different regions in México and two more about drinks and culture. I hope you like them. Please let me know if there is a special subject in spanish you would like to read and listen to. I would be adding new articles every week. Thanks


Many thanks. I look forward to learning about Mexico. I listened to the first episode about the North. It is interesting and makes me want to visit. You read like a professional radio announcer! I found the sound a little faint. I had to crank up the volume to the maximum to hear it properly. I wonder if others had the same experience. The quality of the sound is great, with no background noise or interference.

Thanks Steve. I used “audacity” and when I tested before uploading, it sounded good. I will make more tests and if necessary, will re-record it again. Any suggestions as to how can I better the sound? Let me know.

The sound quality itself was excellent. It just seemed faint to me. Why don’t you try one from the library and see. It may just be my computer. I do not use Audacity but if you also find the sound faint you may have to play with the input volumes somewhere.

I’m interested in learning from this content! It sounds really good! What is the name of the series if I may ask?

It is always easy to find new content by checking the new content shelf.

I just listened the “El Tequila” and I too had to put the volume to the maximum and still wasn’t loud enough. But the articulation is good.

Hola Ruben
Yo tampoco puedo hacer el volumen más alto…Ya es al máximo pero es demasiado bajo
saludos jolanda

I found the problem and will correct it by re-recording it.
@jolanda- volvere a grabar los articulos para que se escuchen mejor. Gracias por dejarme saber.

Arenas, before re-recording (that is a lot of work), you can try to amplify the volume of the mp3 file already recorded.
You are using Audacity, so you have to go to “Archive - Open” and open the mp3 file, and then “Edit - Select - All”, and finally go to “Effect - Amplify”. Play with different values until you get the volume you want.

Hope it helps.

Oh, and don’t forget to save the file!