New Content in the German library in March 2012

I created a list of the new items in the German library of the last month. Maybe you like some of them.

By the way: All providers like to hear your opinion about the new content. Which collections do you love?

If you appreciate lessons and think they are helpful, I’m sure the provider would be pleased if you let her/him know (on the wall or in the forum), or if you reward her/him with some gift points on the profile.

Have fun listening to the new content.

You’ll find it here:

Here you’ll find the newest beginner lessons:

This links don’t work =/

I’ve checked the links and they work for me. Does anybody else have the same problem as Lucas?

Very strange, now I’m here in my job and the links works so good, at home not, meybe could be my internet.

It works fine!