New content in the French library

Hello everyone!

New contents have been uploaded in the French library in November 2009. I created a list of some of the beginners ones :
More items for beginners and above levels will come soon.

What is your opinion about the new contents? Do you like them?
Are there some topics you would like to see in the library? What are they?
I would be glad to receive feedbacks both on your opinion on the items, and on the documents I created.

In following the link given above, you will find other documents with links which were added especially to be useful for your French learning.

Have fun :slight_smile:

I find the “Une année en France” collection interesting. It’s always good to know something more about France.


I started with:
FrenchLingQ Beginner (Greetings and Goodbyes)

and today I decided to do the crazy thing and add:
FrenchLingQ Beginner (Eating Out).

Thanks to these new additions I will go on with:

Simples dialogues;
Français niveau débutant;
Une année en France;

and then the gargantuan
FrenchLingQ Beginner (Who is She?)

Thank you very much for making learning French a fun thing Marianne! Merci!

Thank you both :smiley:
I will add more little by little. Knowing what is liked helps to create as well as to find contents of the same kind.

If you have any idea about topics you would like to see in the library, please feel free to give your opinion.

All the best,